316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Peg Hanger (24 pegs)


Great for hanging socks, hankies, underwear and nappies on. This peg hanger is able to be left outside as it is Rust resistant, Heat resistant and made to last a lifetime!

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Our 316 marine grade hangers are able to be left outside overnight and in all weather conditions. Perfect for salty beach air due to its rust resistance.
Being heat resistant, our Aussie summer weather doesn’t have an impact either and won’t burn your hands.
Ideal for camping, apartments and everyday use. Comes in handy when you’ve got guests or extra washing, or when you have the odd rainy shower and you can quickly grab 24 items at once out of the rain.
Rectangular in shape and comes with 24 pegs.
Highly recyclable and keeps plastic out of our oceans.