Green Home Package


This bundle will help you ditch some of those pesky plastic items from your home. It was designed to make your home more eco-friendly without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re making your favourite bake, shopping for veggies, or having a well-deserved hot shower in the evening, we’ve got you covered! This practical zero-waste pack will sort you out any time of the day and help you avoid all those annoying bits of the landfill in your house.

Brush It On provides natural eco-friendly alternatives to all the nasty plastic products out there so that you can enjoy your zero-waste home without sacrificing your lifestyle.

What you’ll get:

🌱Wheat Straw Toothbrush
🌱Bamboo Wide Tooth Hair Comb
🌱Compostable Kitchen Loofah
🌱Natural Loofah Body Scrub
🌱Bamboo Cotton Buds (200pcs)
🌱Silicone Baking Mat
🌱Reusable Mesh Produce Bags: 2 pack

Brush It On donates 100% of profits to conservation projects that protect the world’s oceans, forests, and animals. Their Green Home Package is available in three colour themes in line with the causes they support:

Oceans = Blue
Forests = Green
Animals = Orange

You can choose which cause you want to support by selecting your preferred colour theme above.

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Product Details

Wheat Straw Toothbrush

Wheat straw toothbrush handles are fully compostable and can be home composted. The soft and fine bristles of these toothbrushes contain bamboo charcoal to effectively clean your teeth and gums and remove odour from the mouth.

Bamboo Wide Tooth Hair Comb

This beautiful bamboo comb is perfect for styling and detangling your hair. It’s made from sustainably-grown MOSO bamboo and can be composted at the end of its life.

Compostable Kitchen Loofah

This amazing eco-friendly loofah is made from the luffa plant, a fast-growing annual vine. It’s an awesome sustainable alternative to conventional plastic scourer. Our loofah can be used for both kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Natural Loofah Body Scrub

Our natural loofah skin exfoliating body scrub will leave your skin super smooth and healthy. It helps cleanse your skin and renew its cells with a natural method of skin exfoliating. The loofah itself can be home composed at the end of its life, just remove the elastic band at the back before composting.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Swap your plastic cotton buds for bamboo compostable ones without compromising on quality. We provide a sustainable alternative to plastic cotton swabs featuring a compostable bamboo handle and an organic cotton tip.

Silicone Baking Mat

This silicone baking mat makes rolling out a perfectly round pie crust a breeze! The mats provide a helpful non-stick surface with measurement guides, and they’re an eco-friendly replacement for regular baking paper which sadly isn’t recyclable.

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

These bags are made of 100% cotton and can be composted at the end of their life, which is ages away as they’re very sturdy and will last a long time with care. They are machine washable, super lightweight, and just ideal for gathering loose produce at the store or markets.

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Animals = Matilda + Orange Mat, Forests = Tarzan + Green Mat, Oceans = Nemo + Blue Mat