My Little Gumnut Modern Cloth Nappy – Tropical Frogs


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🌱 One size fits most adjustable pocket nappy. Simply adjust the snaps to suit your baby. Suitable from newborn to toddler (approx 3-15kg).

🌱 Each My Little Gumnut nappy comes with a waterproof shell and a 5 layered bamboo/microfibre blend insert (2 layers bamboo, 3 layers microfibre).

🌱 Nappy covers are made from soft and smooth waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) with a soft bamboo-fleece inner layer with an inside pocket for the removable insert.

🌱 The insert absorbs any liquid, while the bamboo-fleece liner acts as a barrier leaving baby feeling nice and dry.

🌱 To use, simply place insert inside the pocket of the waterproof shell. Adjust the snaps to suit baby’s size. Place nappy on baby and fasten hip snaps. Nappy should be firm around the waist and legs but not too tight. Ideally you should be able to fit two fingers at the waist and there should be no gaps at the legs.

🌱 Nappies can be boosted with extra inserts for more absorbency

🌱 Use the large wetbags for dirty nappies while out and about.

Please note:
Inserts should be washed 3-4 times prior to use to reach maximum absorbency.

Washing guidelines:
•Remove any waste from nappies and flush down the toilet.
•Remove insert from pocket and store dirty nappies in a dry pail (bucket with holes for airflow) until ready to wash.
•Prewash nappies, both inserts and shells, every 1-2 days on a quick cycle (30min-1hr) at 40 degrees with half recommended dose of powder detergent to remove the bulk of soil, and place in a dedicated prewashed dry pail ready for main wash.
•Main wash the prewashed nappies every 3-4 days when you have enough. Bulk out with baby clothes and small items if necessary for proper loading and friction. A full scoop of detergent is recommended with a cycle length of between 2.5hr-3hrs long at 40 degrees.
•For inserts: line dry in the sun or dryer. For shells: dry in the shade or dryer on a very low heat setting so as not to damage the waterproof PUL layer.